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Are you the owner of an organic perfumery and, after a very good initial phase, your business is stalled? It can happen! On the other hand, bioprofumeries are like other commercial establishments, conditioned by the most disparate variables.

Here are some tips to understand how to increase sales in your organic makeup shop!

How to attract customers to the store

First of all you have to make sure that potential customers come to you, looking for someone to help them live the experience they seek, for themselves or as a gift.

The first tip is to use the social pages correctly: show your products and possible uses, not just photos from a catalog. Integrate everything with a newsletter or promotional messages, to retain customers.

For the in-store experience, think about paying homage to your customers with preferential treatments when you launch new products. Or take advantage of olfactory marketing, which enhances the bio fragrances of the goods on sale.

A welcoming and relaxing atmosphere

We are not talking about a bioprofumery, it is YOUR bioprofumery. Make it unique and special, personalizing every aspect.

Furniture, lighting, layout and quantity of products: each factor is important to create a comfortable environment for the customer, in constant search for a shopping experience that only you can give him.

Pay particular attention to the products on display, preferring a central table for the best products and being consistent with the shop window.

Promotions and news: retaining customers, attracting new ones

To attract new potential customers in bioprofumeries, a consolidated strategy is that of promotions and discounts.

The price is a strong variable in the eyes of the buyers, bypassed only by the quality of the product on sale: the higher it will be, the less important the price will be.

Despite this, the promotional campaigns know how to attract customers in an excellent manner and can be used to retain habits.

Take advantage of the launch of new products to organize events, special moments during which customers will have a totally new experience.