Creativity and design: how to create a successful store

Creativity and inspiration are essential skills for those who work in the store design sector and are the basis of the ideas with which we make the store.

We at Stella Design have made creativity one of our strengths to show you always unique and original models to create your tailor-made store.

By coming into contact with us, you will discover how each of our creations will be the perfect fusion between your needs and those of the store so that nothing ever remains in the background.


Our creativity at your service

The creative processes that we provide for the making of your store are:


We transform our creativity into the reality of your store, studying each element to stimulate the senses of customers to make them live a unique shopping experience.


We develop the visual identity of your store, focusing on the corporate brand identity, to make it unique and recognizable to your market target.


We show you, through rendering and presentations, the concept at the basis of the project and how it will develop to create your personalized store.


We use immersive virtual reality technology to let you explore your store during the design phase, ready to intervene on any modification.


We standardize the products of your store so you can use them, saving time and money, for future openings.

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