Creative studio, the winning card for your store

With the creative studio, we analyze every visual aspect of your store to create a unique setting.

The brands are not all the same and require in-depth studies to marry entirely every aspect of the store.



The foundations of creative studio

Our goal is to make the store the place where your company and your customers meet, creating the closest relationship.

Colors play a primary role within the project; that’s why they need a thorough study to select the most suitable to be used depending on the type of product sold in your store.

The choice of how to furnish a shop will depend on the emotions you want to convey to visitors. The study of fashions and trends will provide us with valuable information to use during visual design, and each store will be given its personalized style to be always recognizable.

Sensory marketing: the importance of the five senses

The design of a store design aims to attract potential customers, taking them to buy to increase turnover.

Sensory factors can positively affect sales:

  • tactile factors: choosing the right materials influences the customer’s purchase positively
  • olfactory factors: a pleasant fragrance, non-invasive and in line with the products on sale, captures the attention
  • gustatory factors: where possible, taste will be essential to attract customers
  • visual factors: colors, lights and the general layout of the store affect the customer, as well as the arrangement of furnishings and exhibitions
  • sound factors: the background music, as long as it is non-invasive, favors the permanence in the store.

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