The standardization of furnishings


The standardization process allows you to use tailor-made models and prototypes to create other stores in your chain with the same concept of success.


The uniqueness of standardized stores

During the design of a store, we complete every aspect calibrated to measure. What if we told you that you could have the same quality in every store?

We propose to standardize projects validated by customers to use them in all stores, to maintain the same quality craftsmanship.

Our way to create a product that reflects your ideas is to introduce innovation in traditional work techniques.

Why standardizing?

The possibility of standardizing the furniture is advantageous for every future store because, after careful preliminary design, we guarantee the same conditions and quality as the original model.

Each prototype is verified to fit perfectly into the type of store for which it is made. Together we will validate its effectiveness and preparation before using it as a basis for future products.

The savings for the next openings will be substantial, as costs and design time will be lowered considerably.

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