Virtual reality applied to the creation of your store


Thanks to immersive virtual reality technology you have the opportunity to explore your store in a detailed way directly in the design phase, discovering the details, confirming the choices and possibly making changes before the construction phase.



What is virtual reality

Unlike augmented reality that enhances our perception of the world with a range of digital content, virtual reality isolates the user from the outside world by simulating actual reality.

We use the latest technological tools to recreate your physical store in a virtual universe: stimulating sight, hearing and touch you will live in a digital world all the real experience, by just wearing a 3D viewer!

The advantage of virtual reality

The virtual world is the ideal context to experience the shopping experience of your customers because, thanks to the strong sensorial and perceptive stimuli, you can fully immerse yourself in your store.

The possibility of simulating space, including the products positioned on the shelves, is a real revolution in the creation of stores: everything is reported in 1:1 scale, faithfully following the project and the measures of the universes.

Its main advantage lies in the possibility of modifying the digital model that is generated to optimize design choices, saving time and money by intervening directly on the virtual project and not on the finished product.

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