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The choice of how to color the walls of your store is essential as color is a key element, able to convey to your customers your identity and that of the store itself.

Wall colors: entrance and passage areas

First of all, without going into the specific types of shops, we talk about the entrance walls and the passageways.

The recommended colors are light, which can reflect light and illuminate the space at best: white, beige and light gray are the most popular. Light tones avoid creating a suffocating effect inside the store.

To each store its color

Now let’s get into the specifics, talking about specific sales points and which colors to use for the walls.

Food store

Let’s start with a grocery store, a place full of life and energy: red and yellow are two widely used colors (just think of McDonald’s), as they recall strength and stimulate digestion.

Stationery shop

The sale of stationery for schools and offices is favored by the use of pastel colors combined with red, yellow and orange, to promote the feeling of frenzy and energy.

Hairdresser and beauty center

How to paint the walls in the beauty world? The choice is vast because, generally, these sales points have more work areas.

As for the various transit areas, as we have said, light colors are perfect. In the massage or hairdressing areas we recommend pastel tones such as teal or lavender, as they bring peace and relaxation to customers.

The wall colors of a clothing store

For this type of shop, the colors vary according to the products on sale: for the 0-16 fashion, bright and bright colors, seductive colors in lingerie stores and so on.

The choice must be studied precisely, because the wrong color will confuse potential customers who will not be attracted to buy.