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The organization and management of the building warehouse are activities that are often not taken into consideration, as they are seen as a waste of time.

The truth of the facts is that an optimized building warehouse will reduce waste and costs. How to do it? Here are our tips!

How to manage a warehouse

Before starting to move the goods in a totally random way, identify the critical points of your current method of organization by asking yourself simple but effective questions:

  • supplyes in warehouse: is there an overcrowding of stocks due to a continuous needless purchase?
  • movement: can staff move freely to reach the material?
  • defects: do you find yourself handling a large quantity of defective material?

These three questions are the starting point for the warehouse reorganization. Let’s analyze them in detail!

Supplyes in warehouse

How many and which products to keep in stock is a complex evaluation designed to obtain the best possible organization.

Keep the list of goods constantly updated, based on purchases and sales. It will help you understand which items are sold before others being more in demand.

To help yourself, make an inventory on a fixed schedule, better if you do it often during the year.

Movement within the building warehouse

The staff must be able to move easily to reach the goods, keeping the passage free is essential.

The warehouse mapping is the basis for creating a simple and clean path, helped by labeling the various sections.

A point of reorganization designed to arrange the goods, positioned between one shelf and another, will let the designated personnel know where to bring the products that are not in the correct space.

Defects: cutting unnecessary costs

Keeping the defective products stored is a cost that must be eliminated as soon as possible: sooner or later you will have to return them to the supplier or, in the worst case, throw them away.

Upon arrival, immediately check whether all the goods are in a condition to be sold or must be returned upon delivery.

It can happen to damage the items directly inside the warehouse, pay attention to avoid wasting time and money!