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Are you submerged by papers? Is your desk in total chaos? The time to organize the office optimally has come, to increase your performance and render more!

Tidy office: decluttering!

First of all let’s start from the definition of decluttering: getting rid of old and useless objects.

How many objects, papers, useless documents do you still have in your office? Well, it’s time to throw it all away. That unloaded pen or that year-old file are just bulky and steal space from the efficiency. It’s the right time to part with them!

Once freed up unnecessarily busy living space, your mind will benefit and work calmly.

How to organize an office: digital documents

Digitize, digitize, digitize! If a document can be stored digitally, why not do it?

The advantages are many: first of all, free up space in your workplace, feeling more free. Secondly, you can save multiple copies of various files and better protect your projects.

How to organize time and work can dedicate a space to each project

Every time you start working on a new project you need to cut out a dedicated space in the office, so as not to hinder your old job.

With this type of approach, you will be able to better organize both the time by finding the material needed to move on faster, and the actual work as you will have everything at hand.

Archive every week

Dedicating a few minutes to storing material at the end of each week is the best way to learn how to organize your desk.

Preparing for the next week, skimming out what you need and what can be stored will reduce the stress of having to research everything.

Creativity and originality

Adding a creative touch will make it easier to stay in the office, a place that is often gray and boring.

An office plant, a painting, a touch of color here and there: there are so many ways to make your office original!