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You are the owner of an animal store, but you don’t like your furniture? Do you want to open a pet shop and don’t know how to set it up? Here are our tips on how to create the perfect place, on a human and puppy scale!

Divide the store into departments

For a noteworthy pet shop, the first piece of advice is the division into well-separated departments, to facilitate the customers’ shopping experience.

The shelves must be of different sizes and depths, given the type of products on display: starting with smaller objects, such as leashes or toys, up to kennels and cages. All of them must be within reach of the customer!

For very small products, such as medals and collars, we recommend placing a display near the cases, as they can arouse the final interest of the buyer by increasing his spending.

Pet shop windows

What kind of shop do you have? Besides pet items, are there any puppies to adopt? If the answer is yes, you will have to be very careful with the choice of doghouses and display cases.

Every animal needs its space: rodents must be free to move, reptiles need precise terrariums and, in general, they must be safe places while animals are waiting for possible adoption or sale.

A relaxation area for everyone

The demand for an area in which to stop for a moment, preferably in the company of puppies, is growing, especially for children.

You don’t need to have a huge space, just a couple of chairs and a table are enough for customers, giving them a peaceful moment in a calm environment.

The relaxation area must also be adapted for the animals of the customers themselves, do not forget to place bowls with fresh water and some toys. Customers will know that you really care about their four-legged companions and will be encouraged to buy from you.