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December has arrived and this means only one thing: Christmas is here! The whole shop must be decorated for the occasion and today we will give you our advice on how to set up perfect Christmas shop windows.

Christmas shop windows: scenographic or merchandise?

The first choice is on how you want to set up the shop window: an impacting image or always focusing on products?

It seems easy, but the general organization of the window itself depends on this choice. By choosing scenography the space for the products will be reduced; on the contrary, by choosing to focus on the goods on display, the showcase will be more sober but less centered on the Christmas period.

The colors of the Christmas shop window

Once the type of window has been chosen, the colors to be used are the next step.

From the classic red-green-gold to blue-silver-white, all very traditional colors but fully reflecting Christmas.

The choice of the color palette depends directly on your store: if the first 3 recall family and tradition to the full, the second group of colors is finer and more sophisticated.

Props for the Christmas setting

To recreate the right Christmas atmosphere you will have to use objects particularly related to the period, such as candles, snow, sequins or window stickers and stickers.

A monochromatic backdrop, generally red, green or white, is ideal to highlight these objects in the eyes of customers and leave them stunned.

The subject of the shop window

Here is the most difficult choice: the main subject of the showcase.

In general the most used subject is the classic Christmas tree, as it is easy to use and to carry out. But this choice is not optimal for all types of stores.

For example, a clothing store might choose to represent a family of dressed-up mannequins, a grocery store would opt for Santa with a sack full of food and so on.

When you choose the main subject, always think about what you are selling and what your sales target is, to avoid making mistakes, remember that customers are always at the center of everything!

5. Increasingly “smart” and informed customers

In the end, the customer is the most severe judge of your place, don’t forget it! And today, thanks to an increasingly connected world, he is more informed than ever

Be clear about your choices because, with just a few touches on the smartphone, the customer can discover every hidden element of your kitchen and your premises.

Being open to the world of social media and reviews is a great opportunity, especially to build customer loyalty and bring the customer back to your restaurant.