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Store lighting can be considered, for all intents and purposes, a sales factor: through the type of light installed, its intensity and the position chosen for the lighting points, you can emphasize or devalue the quality of the products on display.

The lighting deeply characterizes the environment, helping to highlight the style of exposure chosen by your brand and show it in a decisive way to the visitors of the store.

Illuminate the entrance to your store

The entrance and the outside of your shop are the visiting card you present to potential customers.

Having good lighting allows you to make it clear that you are open, even from a distance. It is not a trivial matter, especially if you can stand out among the other shops that use dimmed or non-compliant lights.

Illuminate the shop windows

The window of your store communicates with passers-by, arousing interest in the goods on display and encouraging them to buy. The right light will make the difference.

A LED display case is the most used solution because, thanks to the typical flexibility of this type of lighting, it is able to create scenographic effects and induce you to enter the point of sale.

Illuminate the dressing rooms of a clothing store

The fitting room is the first place where the buyer finds himself alone with the product, an intimate and decisive moment for the purchase.

Minimizing the shadow areas is imperative to allow the customer to admire and feel attractive: you will have to choose the position of the lamps and the temperature of the lights thinking of how to make the moment of the trial special.

Illuminate the cash desk and the counter

Often taken into the background, the lighting of the cash desk can provide a visual distraction and entertain customers while they wait.

Adequately illuminate the case desk to allow the staff to work comfortably, attracting customers’ attention to the merchandise displayed alongside and expanding the shopping experience to the end.