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Have you ever thought about what emotions the customer feels when moving around in your store? Have you ever stopped to think how important it is to choose how to set up a clothing store to make it more appealing?

If the answer is “NO”, you’re making a mistake. And today we are here to help you and give you some ideas on how to furnish your fashion shop!

Shop windows fittings: your business card

The choice of the customer to enter or not in your store takes place in front of the windows: the way you present yourself is fundamental, having to represent your products and your store.

So how to set up a shop window? Start by choosing a theme, a background and the right type of mannequins. Only last choose which items to display, in line with the rest of the store.

It is counterproductive to expose a sports window in a high-fashion boutique, or the opposite. Customers want transparency and clarity.

How to furnish a clothing store?

The furnishings of the store must, of course, be adapted to the style of clothing you sell and to your target: who do you turn to? A young and modern audience? Or classic? The choices of customization are endless, but they must be studied in detail.

The products must be positioned with a precise logic, which can be by color, type or even occasion, in addition to being clearly visible to customers. Wrong furniture will devalue the goods and reduce sales.

Colors and furnishing materials are directly linked to your items for sale, the choice must be made with extreme care!

Space management and interior organization

Exploiting the space at your disposal is important to arrange the products in the best possible way. It is generally advisable to place the display units in central areas and easily accessible by customers, avoiding the corners.

Divide the spaces on the shelves in an intelligent way, coordinating the products to make them stand out.

Never forget the importance of empty spaces as they focus the attention of the buyers on the exhibited goods without having to show an excessive amount.