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Do you intend to open a bakery or do you want to renovate your restaurant? Here are some original ideas to innovate your bakery decor!

Open a bakery: diversify!

The choice to open a bakery or a pastry shop does not mean being forced into tradition, on the contrary: today this type of place is a real restaurant business able to offer customers a complete service, from breakfast to dinner.

This does not mean simply opening a bar next to the bakery, it means thinking carefully about your product offering. Using different flours, coming from other parts of the world, is a valid and original starting point.

The main advantage? The originality and diversification of the products attract customers who are always attentive to quality and choice, the type of customer who likes to try new things.

The secrets for bakery furnishings

For the success of your business not only quality is essential: you should also please the eye and taking care of the aesthetics of the room is a must.

The first element in the eyes of customers is the counter which, in addition to being functional to allow you to work comfortably, must be well maintained and beautiful to look at. The choice of materials for the counter goes hand in hand with the general aesthetics of the bakery: in a modern room you will not use wood and vice versa.

Offering a bar service or even catering (perhaps with the bread of its own production) is a great way to increase the clientele in today’s hectic world.

The refrigerated display case for displaying desserts, in a pastry bakery, will capture the attention of customers: highlight it and enhance it with a personal touch, to be unique and original.

Today’s trend is to use wooden baskets for bread compared to classic wicker baskets, as they are beautiful to look at, resistant and more consistent with more classic styles of furniture.