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Recreating a traditional market setting or pushing innovation by favoring a particular exhibition? It is a dilemma that has always affected large-scale retail outlets on fruit and vegetable departments.

Let’s try to give an answer to understand how to furnish your fruit and vegetable counter!

How to expose fruits and vegetables

The most used strategy by the Italian large-scale retail trade is to position the fruit and vegetable department right at the entrance of the store, to encourage the customer to immediately spend time in the area.

The use of plastic boxes with collapsible sides is the trend of the moment: reduced cleaning times, efficient logistics processes and durability are the advantages of this material, able to reduce management costs.

The problem? The coldness of the material, in the eyes of the customer, does not encourage purchase. This is why some retailers are returning to using wood, a warmer and more comfortable raw material for buyers.

Choose to reduce costs or create a more welcoming sales experience? Knowing your customers will give you the right answer.

The colors of the fruit and vegetable department

The choice of color palettes is fundamental: the link between the colors of the department and the goods on display is inseparable from the eyes of the buyers.

Also for the fruit and vegetable shop, the advice is to use light and pastel shades! Light green, yellow, white, blue and red are the most popular colors.

And not only for the walls, also furniture and displays are preferable in these colors as they communicate tranquility to customers.

Choose the right lighting

Last, but not least, is the choice of lighting: from above over the products? From under the boxes? Let’s try to choose between the two!

A good solution to illuminate the goods in the fruit and vegetable department is to place the light directly on top of the box containing it, so as to make it stand out in the eyes of the customer.

Otherwise, a LED light under the shelves, with an opal diffuser, so as to best illuminate the product found on the lower level.

The choice, even in this case, is based on your customers: do they prefer to search for products among exhibitors or do they only choose at eye level?