Planning, implementing, shipping and assembling

When we talk about production, we do not limit ourselves to the simple creation of furniture for your store, but we talk about planning in detail every aspect of the work, making customized products, sending them wherever your store is located and relying on experts for their assembly.

We intend to give birth to the ideas born during the briefing phase, let you touch the furniture explored through virtual reality technology and make the dream of creating an exciting shopping experience for the customers come true.

We continuously monitor every step of the production cycle of your store to ensure the solution to any problem and offer a complete service at 360 °.

industrializzazione prodotto

The production phases of your store

Our key points for the creation of a store are the following:


We organize in detail every aspect of the different works to be done, starting from where and from whom they will be produced, which raw materials will be used, when the final work will be delivered and when the store will be set up. Precision and punctuality are our watchwords.


We tailor the products that we will use in your store (furniture, shelving, signage) confiding in our professional partners. We can recreate them in series in future stores for the development of their own sales network. Our products are created using only certified Made in Italy raw materials.


We organize the shipment of goods both in the European Union and to countries outside the EU, by land, sea or air. Furthermore, our team will take care of filling in and sending all the customs documents to the authorities.


We rely on an expert staff in the assembly of every element in your store, in total safety and to guarantee long-lasting use over time.

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