Planning of work in a store

The planning of each phase of the project is an extremely critical activity as it allows to continually evaluate the progress of the work towards the achievement of the objectives.

We will put into practice every aspect studied during the design phase in order to satisfy your requests.


The importance of planning on the progress of the work

Intersecting perfectly every element of the project (production, delivery, and set-up) is essential to setting up your store. That’s why we plan every aspect with extreme precision.

We will continuously monitor the progress of the work to be always ready to intervene in the shortest time possible to solve any problem.

Work planning plays a fundamental role in the design of remodeling of a store since during restructuring the store remains open to customers: we draw up a plan of optimal work capable of rotating the universes without creating glitches.

Accuracy and punctuality at your service

Precision and punctuality are our watchwords to offer you the best service.

Precise planning allows us to have a complete and updated view on the status of the work, optimizing every action to achieve the objectives.

During the creation of your store, you will be promptly informed on every element: from production to the preparation of furniture, in full compliance with the scheduled times and creating the basis for a working relationship full of trust and ready to last.

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