We ship worldwide, wherever your store is


One of the critical aspects of our post-production services is the shipping of the material directly to the store, wherever it is. Our company will think about all the paperwork, providing a complete service with a single contact person, resulting in optimal efficiency and a considerable saving of time and money.


European Union and Extra UE

Availing ourselves of the best partners on the market, we will proceed to dispatch the furniture: by land, by articulated trucks; by air, by freight aircraft; by sea, by cargo ships and by placing the products in special containers.

For us at Stella Design, distance is indeed no limit, as we have established working relationships both in Europe and in non-European countries.

Among the various shipping destinations that we have made for our customers, there is also the French island of Martinique, a paradise island located in the Caribbean archipelago.

We also ship to non-EU countries on EU territories, such as Switzerland or Albania.
We monitor every transport, from loading to unloading, ensuring that everything arrives at its destination in the agreed timing.

Customs documents

As for the Extra EU shipping we directly take care of the compilation and sending of customs documents to the authorities, guaranteeing you a complete service.

Our mission is to follow you step by step, always guaranteeing maximum efficiency and integrity of our products.


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