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Emotional marketing is increasingly important in today’s business, yet many traders underestimate its power over customers: without emotions, how will they decide what to buy?

Let’s see more in detail what emotional marketing is and why you should use your customers’ emotions to increase the turnover of your store.

Emotional and non-emotional people

The neuroscientist Antonio Damasio conducted research, now several years ago, on people with severe brain damage and unable to feel emotions. During his tests he discovered that, without emotions, people cannot make decisions, not even the simplest.

And here, applied to the world of commerce, the principle is the same: creating an emotional sales experience has the ability to influence people’s decision making. Being emotional sells, in short.

Your customers’ emotional states

In your store you can excite different emotions on customers, to encourage them to buy. Let’s see how:

  • Fear: exploit the fear of people, ensuring that your products can help them fight it. A practical example is the classic limited-time offer that gives rise to the fear of losing it;
  • Trust: create a relationship of trust with your customers, especially if you have an e-commerce, guaranteeing secure payment methods or making them feel part of your world with reviews and comments;
  • Value: give value to your customers, before you have your products. To do this, take advantage of promotions to the fullest;
  • Sense of belonging: make sure that your customers feel part of a group, of an aggregation. Loyalty cards, discounts or exclusive events are an excellent marketing strategy;
  • Competition: use the competitive being that is found in each of us, especially for luxury products. If the purchase of your products generates envy in those who do not have them, a “race” will be born to those who buy them first.

These are just some of the emotions you will be able to use to increase sales, of course without overdoing it!