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To increase sales in your store you have two ways to go: increase the average turnover per customer or increase the number of customers. Today we will give you some tips on how to attract customers to the store!

Attracting passing customers

We do not start from your trusted customers but from the so-called “walk in costumers”, that is the passing customers who, being in your area, have been attracted by your store.

This type of clientele is attracted primarily by aesthetics: an attractive display case, well-kept interiors and an original shop will be the way you can convince them to buy.

You cannot rely on them to substantially increase your turnover, it is true, but they are part of the great game of marketing and therefore should not be forgotten.

How to attract customers to a local store

The specialized shops are the masters in the market, especially at the local level. For this reason, your store no longer has to be a generic resale of products.

The most effective way to attract customers to the store is, even today, word of mouth: when people communicate with each other, telling in a positive way about the experience lived in your store, they are doing you the best possible advertising.

Using word of mouth is possible, especially online, thanks to reviews and comments, videos, photos and any other testimony that can be shared.

Customer loyalty to win

The backbone of your business is trusted customers, those who would choose you among thousands of similar stores.

The ideal is to make your customers unique through personalized promotions, loyalty cards and newsletters. Making them feel part of a special group is the key to maintaining them over time.

Ideas to attract customers: exclusive events

Your business is not just a place to sell products, or at least that’s not how it should be seen.

Organize events, such as theme days, to entice people to enter your club and find out what you have to offer them.