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Has the flow of customers in your store decreased? Are sales down? Does confronting large chains, outlets and e-commerce prove to be difficult? Here are some tips to re-launch a store!

How to attract customers to a store? Create a unique experience!

Today, what really matters is the experience that each customer lives within your store.

The emotional aspect is the most important: the sensations that arise during the shopping experience will be the focal point for a potential customer, so your product or service must be supported by ad hoc pre and post sales strategies.

In Italy there are many small successful shops that have been able to give an experience full of emotions, without focusing only on sales.

Advertising a store: communication and image

To better advertise your shop you must not overlook how it presents itself to the public and how to communicate with it, both through offline and online channels.

But how do you advertise a store? Your advertising investment, to be more profitable, must be targeted towards a specific customer target.

Try to identify which products are purchased by specific people and contact them, especially through social networks like Facebook where the campaigns are fully customizable.

Building customer loyalty to win

Customer loyalty pays. And it does it very well.

Create links through a newsletter, organize special events for the most loyal customers or send a discount via message: the more the buyers feel part of a small circle, the more they are likely to buy at your store.

Social networks and the website are important cards to play, as they allow you to relate directly with users and allow them to leave reviews, comments and share the content you share. Word of mouth is still a decisive weapon!