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How many times do we happen to buy a product without having it programmed? Impulse buying is an important component in the retail world and, with a few tricks, you can make the most of it to increase sales!

The impulse to buy: why does it make us happy?

When we buy a new product, either out of necessity or simply wanting to do it, we are happy to have done it. And, unlike programmed shopping that is boring in the long run, impulsive shopping makes us even happier.

This is because we have satisfied our needs with a simple purchase, used to being repaid instantly in a positive way.

How to take advantage of the impulse to buy?

There are marketing techniques with which retailers exploit the emotions resulting from the desire to buy of the customers, here are some.

Choose the right products

When a customer spends too much time in a shop, the sense of tiredness and indecision creep into his thoughts. He has been running for hours, he has not decided which product to buy and will tend to come out empty handed.

To avoid this, you must give importance to everyday products, often simplicity pays off.

Attract customers with promotions

Promotions have always been the simplest way to attract customers to the store: the word SALES in red letters not only has an informative function, at most it has to convince customers to look for something to buy because it is discounted.

The placing of the goods

There are products that sell themselves without even advertising them. Take advantage of this popularity by placing the weakest goods next to them, trying to connect them as much as possible.

Another strategic point is to place these products in the areas of the store most frequented by visitors, so that they never lose sight of them.

Technology implementation

Customers are increasingly informed about the products on sale, thanks to their smartphones and the power of the internet.

You can take advantage of all this by implementing the use of technology in your store: an app, exclusive discounts for newsletter subscribers and so on.