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In the modern era, online and offline purchases fight every day for market supremacy. The solution to please everyone? The pop up shop.

What is a popup shop

Also known as pop up store or temporary store, it is simply a temporary store located in busy areas of a city.

The products on sale are always of the latest collections, at advantageous prices and last minute, so as to immediately attract many customers.

The peculiarity is precisely that of opening and closing suddenly, taking advantage of a very limited marketing strategy.

How online and offline purchases coexist

Why do pop up stores seem to be the perfect solution to combine e-commerce with physical stores?

Generally the products for sale in these temporary shops arrive directly from the online, especially the prices. And this explains also the reason for the limited time openings: the promotions are not infinite, they must have visibility immediately and sell as much as possible.

Do you want to open a pop up shop? Here are some tips

It is not a novelty that the brands, more or less large, are investing in this type of temporary store. And if you were one of these brands, would you know how to move? Here are our tips!

First of all we start from the choice of the location, fundamental for the good result of the store. The chosen place must be full of life, lively and easily accessible.

The products on sale must be few, both by choice and by pieces in stock. The store will have a few days to live, you have to see everything!

Online promotion is perfect: writing anywhere, from your own website to social media, opening a pop up shop is the right move to let everyone know.

Remember that the pop-up store first of all creates an opportunity, that of being able to touch the products seen only online. Make the most of this idea when you choose what to sell and for how long.