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All activities are subject to renewal cycles, mostly dictated by market needs. The best way not to fill up the warehouse with unsold products is to organize total sales for premises renewal!

The goal of total liquidation

Total sales have a specific purpose, namely to identify the target of their customers and put them at the center of attention, offering a pleasant shopping experience to which they can emotionally bind themselves.

To do this it is necessary to understand carefully which products work, keeping them for sale in the future, and which are harmful for the progress of the activity and will have to be discarded quickly.

To do this, organize extraordinary sales with very high discounts, so that you can get rid of the harmful goods and start again with the best of the best!

The renovation of the premises: evolve strategically

The total sale is organized with the final goal of freeing the store and being able to proceed with a complete restyling of the same.

The evolution of the premises is a precise strategy, to which customers will connect your desire to keep up with the times and not remain fossilized on the old elements. Being willing to change will increase your leadership in your industry, don’t be afraid of it.

From the simple change of furniture to the total change of space, the possibilities are endless and totally customizable!

How to organize a clearance sale

Of course, promotional sales cannot be organized as and when you want, there are very specific restrictions.

First of all, you cannot sell off 30 days before or after the sales period, to avoid unfair competition.

The duration of the liquidations, then, is very precise: from a minimum of four weeks to a maximum of six, not a day more or less.

You will have to present a detailed inventory of all the products present at the time of the sale, divided into type of goods and quantity.

All documentation must be sent to the PEC of your region with at least 15 days notice before the sale starts.

Now that you have the information you need, what are you waiting for? Organizing total sales for local renewal works!