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Brico E.Leclerc – Bricolage

Cernay – France, 2016

interior m2: 5300 – exterior m2: 2300



> Strategic study of the potential of the store

> New customer journey and detailed plan

> Custom shelving and furniture production

> Set up, installation and assembly

> Signage and merchandising

New is always better

An open shop is an ever-changing challenge. The monitoring of the various departments of the store allows you to verify and establish the improvements that must be made to make it more profitable.
The renewal of existing structures, an expansion of space and a new strategy to excite and make the customer experience a unique shopping experience.


Strategic preparation

Planning a complete remodeling means establishing the optimal moments in which the store departments move to make room for the new ones to be set up. This allows the shop to guarantee openness to the public regularly and at the same time to modernize.