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What are the trends in catering in 2019? What will restaurants do to adapt to consumer changes? Here are 5 innovative ideas for your restaurant!

1. Technology on the same level as good food

The trendy bars have already understood this: technology is increasingly important, even in the food and beverage world.

From the use of drones for home delivery of orders to payment of the bill using a simple app, restaurants are increasingly integrating technological solutions into their activities.

2. Transparency: from the raw material to the prices

The customers of the premises always ask for more transparency on every aspect, not only on the food.

From the origins of the raw material to the price list, they will want to be adequately informed to better enjoy every meal.

The fight against waste and the environmental impact will be at the center of these demands, themes which are even more in the hearts of people and able to impact the choice of where to stop and eat.

3. The premises of the “without”

The birth of innovative premises closely linked to certain dietary requirements is constantly growing: the “without” menus are increasing (without lactose, without gluten, without meat).

The increase in vegetarian and vegan consumers has given way to an important trend, capable of also involving bars and restaurants.

If opening a restaurant like this is the best choice, time will tell us but, in 2019, it seems to be the right choice to launch original premises on the market.

4. Different types of catering: themed restaurants

The culinary experience passes not only through food, but above all through the restaurant itself.

The themed restaurants are one of the growing trends as they prefer a specific target of customers and aim to satisfy it to the fullest, albeit losing a more generalist slice.

Some very particular ideas are the permanent pop-up rooms, where brands and chefs rotate, or those with cartoon and TV series.

5. Increasingly “smart” and informed customers

In the end, the customer is the most severe judge of your place, don’t forget it! And today, thanks to an increasingly connected world, he is more informed than ever

Be clear about your choices because, with just a few touches on the smartphone, the customer can discover every hidden element of your kitchen and your premises.

Being open to the world of social media and reviews is a great opportunity, especially to build customer loyalty and bring the customer back to your restaurant.