Your advantage

We will be your only referent! No supplier or auxiliary partner, we will take care of your store in every aspect.

Choose our turnkey service

Creating turnkey stores for us at Stella Design means taking care of your needs, starting from the conceptual phase up to the delivery of the finished project.

We guarantee you the complete supervision of all the working phases alongside our team of specialists: consultants, designers, fitters, and visual merchandisers will be at your disposal for the opening of your store.

Turnkey completion means finishing a project from A to Z with all our professionalism, precision, creativity and punctuality, fundamental aspects on which our work and our passion are based.


We offer the strategic study of the potential of the store, the supply of equipment and their preparation with the primary aim to guide the client towards success.


To improve the TURNOVER of your store by 15-20%.

The stages of realization

Here’s how we at Stella Design attain your successful store, from start to finish:


Every successful project starts with a winning strategy! Our mix of studies and analysis will provide you with all the necessary data on the market, the territory and the preferences of potential customers. We will study every aspect of your brand by implementing it in the project.


Our creative studios are at your service and from them the best ideas will be created to guarantee a customized and tailor-made store. The visual communication to use will be achieved on your brand identity, allowing you to differentiate yourself from the market with the aim of increasing turnover.


In the production phase, we do not limit ourselves to making furniture for your shop but, thanks to our team of experts, we plan every aspect. From the creation of tailor-made products, certified quality Made in Italy and proposable again in series, to shipping all over the world, up to the complete assembly in your store.


Each element, from the positioning of products to personalized signage, is designed to reflect the values ​​of your brand. To increase the turnover of each department, we will keep your store regularly monitored, analyzing how customers move and their buying preferences. All this to create a store that works and build a winning business network.

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