Briefing, the first step towards your store

A useful briefing is the starting point to accomplish your project, during which we will establish together the objectives to achieve and how to do it.

In this first meeting, you will be shown the analyses and studies necessary to ensure the success of your store.



The analysis behind ideas

To create a concrete base on which we will build your store, it is essential to make a brief start.

Our analysis of the market, whatever the type of store, is used to understand what is your potential on the territory and how your competitors are moving.

Analyzing the turnover and the average receipt, we will know where customers prefer to buy inside the store and how to act to increase sales.

Strengths and weaknesses of your store

Knowing the store is a fundamental part of our work as it will allow us to have a clear vision in the designing part.

Concretely analyzing the strengths and weaknesses compared to the competitors, asking ourselves the right questions and deciding on the evaluation criteria, we will establish who has the lead in the sector, and we will understand what is your starting position.

By intervening with targeted actions on the weak points, we can reduce the gap with competitors and, at the same time, exploit the strengths to strengthen your position in the market.

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