Design Strategy: how we will create your store

Thanks to a detailed design strategy we will be able to combine business and creative objectives in a significant way, planning every choice to create your successful store.

Our steps are to base the projects on the identity of the brand and the communication related to it.


Creating an effective design strategy by analyzing the brand

Nowadays we are surrounded by brands and the values ​​they transmit. Your store must start from its brand identity to stand out in the market.

Before communicating with the client, it is better to know what to say. Identifying your brand and carefully analyzing its characteristics, we will create a customized design strategy to establish effective communication.

Carefully studying the brand is a useful process from every point of view, arriving at the right conjunction between in-depth analysis and creativity, giving life to your store.

How to design a shop

Our design strategy begins by looking at each element from your customers’ point of view, as only through empathy with them can we create unique purchasing experiences.

Summarizing our analysis in a strategic document we will provide a solution to the market demands for your store by creating the guidelines to follow during the design.

We at Stella Design do not limit ourselves to designing only the spaces of a store, but we create a unique store that will be remembered and talked about.

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