Detail plan of your store

You should also please the eye: knowing how to place the goods on the shelves to increase sales is the result of a precise study of the detail plan.

Every linear meter is essential, as customers need to know where the products are sold for easy access and purchase.


Shelf Marketing, strategically place your products

The arrangement of products in your store follows precise rules aimed at influencing the choices of customers and directing them to specific products.

An analysis is performed for each linear meter on the type of product to be sold and the combination with its competitors. Shelf marketing is a set of techniques for placing goods used to entice consumers, capturing their gaze and convincing them to purchase.

By planning the presentation strategies, prices, and customer loyalty, in conjunction with our creative ideas to attract customers, we will increase the sales of your store.

The shelving is customizable, to convey your style through every aspect of your store.

The importance of each meter

Every linear meter of the store has the utmost importance: the choice of the position of shelves, showrooms and information points is studied with precision.

Meter by meter, we decide which product to sell and which other product to place nearby in order to create a further purchase unconsciously. The goal is to arrange the products in such a way as to form a need that did not exist before and induce the customer to purchase.

Using the most advanced visual merchandising techniques, we will design the spaces of your store to the smallest details, to give you a clear vision even before its realization.

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