Stella Design is a team made up of men and women sharing the same passion: designing and creating the retail stores of tomorrow.

Stella Design was founded in 2010. Its founders, characterized by their French-Italian background, blended their competences and values in one company, thereby giving birth to a perfect mix of creativity, technical ability, and organizational skills.

All partners and staff share the same values of elegance, creativity, and efficiency along with a strong commitment and work ethic. This synergy has allowed this young company to establish long-term collaborations with several of the most prestigious actors of the Italian and European large-scale retailers, building each relationship on the most important principles: integrity and reliability.


The way people buy has changed considerably in the last few years. The distribution channels have increased dramatically and, thanks to the web, consumers are now better informed than ever before. This dramatic change in the trade business has forced retailers to rethink their sales strategy to remain competitive. On the other hand, the shopping experience should always be kept as pleasant and satisfying as possible. That’s where we come into play!

Stella Design is a company specialized in brand and store image. We support distribution chains that offer their customers an unforgettable and pleasant shopping experience. We have the right tools and knowledge for developing visual brand identities, furnishing concepts, and store merchandising. Our “transversal thinking” touches all the main aspects associated with a project: from strategy, concept, and design to product assembly and display.

Stella Design provides valuable support and unique expertise to those customers who wish to open new retail stores. Stella Design’s expertise is focused in four major areas: IDEARE, ARREDARE, SEGNALARE, and ALLESTIRE. All of our core activities are connected to and interdependent on each other, which puts us in a very good position to achieve our goal, that is to design and display retail stores that develop and mirror brand identity while providing a shopping experience at its fullest.


Idea by Stella Design


IDEARE is a new department of Stella Design Group where retail experts analyze and develop new customized solutions together with the customer to offer a unique and gratifying shopping experience.

Our group, which includes architects, designers, and engineers, aims at creating the retails stores of tomorrow by studying specific solutions for all needs and promoting new trends in the retail business. From conception to consulting, the design process is about creating a “Visual Identity Book”, which provides all the guidelines required for the development and optimization of a distribution network in compliance with technical and trade regulations. Project, design, concept store, visual merchandising, and interior architecture: our Project Manager will guide you every step of the way, from the design to the creation and installation of the project.

IDEARE by Stella Design offers the following services:

  • Contacts with the Project Manager
  • Visual identity AUDIT
  • Retail site evaluation visit
  • Design and positioning analysis
  • Creativity Atelier virtual tour
  • Merchandising consulting
  • Concept store design
  • Visual identity book

Furnishing by Stella Design


ARREDARE is a new Stella Design Group department.

ARREDARE offers a unique know-how which enables our technical team to design retail site furnishings in compliance with industry regulations and processes. Thanks to our long-term experience and skills in working with and transforming raw materials, we can build any promotional furnishing solution, blending different elements to obtain the best result possible.

Stella Design supervises the whole process from its conception to the installation of the final product. Projects take shape in our factories thanks to state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly equipment. Our mantra is “flexibility”: our know-how makes us competitive in both small-scale and large-scale productions, always meeting our deadlines while offering an excellent quality/price ratio.

ARREDARE by Stella Design offers the following services:

  • Wood furnishing and manufacture (welcome area, cashier desks, advice points, table displays, furnishings)
  • Metal displays (table displays, accessories)
  • Light shelves for retail stores (gondolas, racks)
  • Heavy shelves for industrial sites (cantilevers, rack pallets, mezzanines)
  • Furnishing for large-scale distribution
  • DIY specialized furnishing
  • Non-food specialized furnishing
  • Office furnishing
  • Partitions


SEGNALARE is the new Stella Design Group’s graphic department.

Effective external and internal communication is essential to support the sale of a product or service and it’s becoming increasingly important for those who wish to improve their brand identity through an effective and coordinated image.

Stella Design has the right skills and tools to design and organize an internal communication mirroring brand identity, focusing customers’ attention on specific information and taking them by the hand throughout their entire shopping experience.

Our team members design and build shop signs, retail fascias, showcases, shop windows, and everything that helps provide product or service information to customers inside and outside the retail store for a pleasant shopping experience.

SEGNALARE by Stella Design offers the following services:

  • Graphic production
  • Merchandising solutions (flyers, member cards, catalogues, etc...)
  • Shop signs and retail fascias
  • Internal communication solutions
  • External communication solutions

Allestire by Stella Design


The Stella Design Group ALLESTIRE department guarantees that the retail store set up is right on schedule and can be modified in real time according to the customer’s needs.

Our team estimates the time and resources required to carry out the shop fitting and deals with all the paperwork needed to fit out the retail store. Our logistic department ensures quick delivery of goods to the site and coordinates our assembly crews.

Our expertise and organizational skills allow us to fit out small retails stores as well as large-scale ones with the same passion and excellent result.

ALLESTIRE by Stella Design offers the following services:

  • Logistics
  • Furnishing fitting
  • Construction site supervision
  • Exhibition stand set up
  • Visual merchandising
  • Decor, assembly, retail stores fitting