The way people buy has changed considerably in the last few years. The distribution channels have increased dramatically and, thanks to the web, consumers are now better informed than ever before. This dramatic change in the trade business has forced retailers to rethink their sales strategy to remain competitive. On the other hand, the shopping experience should always be kept as pleasant and satisfying as possible. That’s where we come into play!

Stella Design is a company specialized in brand and store image. We support distribution chains that offer their customers an unforgettable and pleasant shopping experience. We have the right tools and knowledge for developing visual brand identities, furnishing concepts, and store merchandising. Our “transversal thinking” touches all the main aspects associated with a project: from strategy, concept, and design to product assembly and display.

Stella Design provides valuable support and unique expertise to those customers who wish to open new retail stores. Stella Design’s expertise is focused in four major areas: IDEARE, ARREDARE, SEGNALARE, and ALLESTIRE. All of our core activities are connected to and interdependent on each other, which puts us in a very good position to achieve our goal, that is to design and display retail stores that develop and mirror brand identity while providing a shopping experience at its fullest.